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“Vegan Thursdays” gets a makeover

A shout-out to CCV for creating Vegan Thursdays! It’s a great way to ‘play’ or ‘flirt’ (as Alicia Silverstone may say) with the Vegan diet.
But since I am already Vegan, and trying day by day (though struggling quite a bit) to eliminate processed foods from my diet, Vegan Thursdays, meet “Pure” Fridays. Starting tomorrow, I am challenging myself to a whole day of unprocessed eats.
I also want to give a huge shout-out to Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!). It’s an absolutely fabulous blog that posts full-day menus with nutritional info, and the best part is, they are all completely raw and unprocessed as well as cheap. Reading through her menus, I realized how much processed junk I was still consuming, and I know I can do so much better.
Who’s with me?

Note: Because I live in a dorm it’s really hard for me to eat mostly unprocessed foods, so I am allowing myself to eat “just” foods (ie. “just raspberries” etc), dried/ roasted nori wraps, and lightly processed Artisana products (though I will try to eat minimal amounts of nut butters, and absolutely no Sunbutter – a truly dangerous and yummy treat).

Word of the day: aplomb


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Change of week, change of attitude!

Hey guys! I hope your weekends went well!

Over the weekend, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was horribly sick. I first had a bad cold and could barely breathe out of my nose, then I started to develop a cough. I’ve been taking oscilocococinun, which I have been taking for sickness since I was really little, and I am prepared to SWEAR by it. My mom sent me loads and mentioned them to me, and within a few hours oftaking them I felt much better!

Have you guys ever had a day where everything seems to go terribly wrong and then another day where everything sort of clicks into place? Well that just happened to me over the weekend!

Call it teen hormones, call it stress, call it winter blues….I call it luck. 🙂

Weather-wise, today was a freak. It rained all day but was pretty warm for New England, and when I woke up at 8’o-clock  this morning, I thought it was still nighttime because it was so dark all day long!

This was taken DURING THE DAY

My week went from me failing a math quiz and freaking out about an essay and test on monday to getting terribly sick, missing a required field trip, being indoors all weekend to…

…being able to make up the field trip, the quiz grade not being counted, surviving the test, and my health improving.

Maybe, one could argue, I just needed some REST AND RECUPERATION to see the world in a whole new light. One never knows…

On another note, would you guys be interested in my posting pictures of my life, my art, and other more general non-food-related things? I’d love your input!

I don’t have any pictures of today’s eats, but I have some unused pictures from last week…

mondo salad green goodness!

This was a yum-tastic mondo healing salad. My mom told me to avoid cold foods while I had my cold but I started to crave a salad so I grated in tons of fresh ginger into this salad to make it a hot n spicy healing treat! I garnished it with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers as well as palm hearts that I got pre-cooked in the salad bar section of my second home Whole Foods Market.

prints are cool :)

My printmaking class took a trip to a local Museum of Printmaking, which was unbelievable! They had so many printing presses and I learned so much. We are going to go there again during our class’s exam slot in finals week. 🙂

prints are cool :)

For breakfast a few days ago I had oatmeal garnished with chopped bottled peaches and tempt hemp milk. I also swirled in a dollop of creamy Artisana coconut butter which made the whole bowl taste like a PASTRY. 🙂


I hope you guys enjoyed my super long post and I look forward to hearing from you all! 🙂



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In sickness and in health…

…I will always have my passion for food. 🙂

Except when the sickness makes me lose my appetite. 😦

Anyway, for the past few days I have been feeling very blah. I came down with a bad cold about three days ago and have dutifully been keeping hydrated and drinking hot teas and soups. Today I finalized my “recipe” for my Healthy Healing Broth (recipe below), and decided to post it for the blogosphere to see. Who knew my first recipe would be so medicinal? Even if you’re not sick, in these frigid months, a hot soup is just the thing to warm the stomach and calm the mind.

Healthy Healing Broth

When you’re feeling sick, need something warm in your tummy or just want a light, salty-sour soup, this easy broth should do the trick!


Sweet, crunchy onion

Fresh garlic cloves

Fresh ginger

Miso paste

Ume (Japanese sour plum) paste

Fresh lemon

Wakame seaweed (dried)


Sharp kitchen knife

Cutting board

Let’s make some soup!

1. Chop up about a quarter (more or less, depending on the size) of the onion. It can be sliced thinly into strips or chopped into little bits. Make bite-sized (or smaller!) pieces.

2. Mince a clove of garlic, or press it (if you have a garlic presser), smoosh it with a fork, etc… It just needs to be in teeny-tiny pieces so the juices will mix with the boiling water.

3. Cut a lemon in half and take out the seeds.

4. Mix 1-3 teaspoons of miso paste (I used white miso paste because of the lighter flavor) and 1 teaspoon of ume paste in a mug or bowl.

5. Boil water.

6. Put the onion bits, the garlic bits and the wakame seaweed into the mug/bowl and stir everything around.

7. Pour the boiling water over the lot of it, mixing it up so that the pastes disperse thoroughly, then squeeze as much lemon juice as you like into the mixture.

8. Grate some ginger on top and mix it in. (remember, the more ginger you use, the spicier it will be)


What do you guys do to combat the winter blues?

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Technology, o technology

Long time no post. But I have technology to blame!

Last summer, I received my first “official” camera – a Nikon D60 – and found a new love in photography. I brought my camera to Ireland with me, where I spent a month at a converted farmhouse-to-studio painting and learning to develop real film.

Unfortunately, I left my charger and computer cables there, so my camera had been dead for quite some time. I needed it again around November and my friend graciously lent me her cables. So, by the time this blog came rollin’ around, my camera was low on juice and I had forgotten that I couldn’t connect it up anyway.

Now it’s under my desk, lifeless, waiting for my new set of cables to come from Amazon (I ordered them last week).

O, reader, do not despair. This sha’n’t be a post sans pictures. I rediscovered the joys of photos through iPhone and ¡voila! A not-so-great resolution it may be, but it’s a photo, ¿n’cest pa?

Yesterday’s eats included pineapple in the morning (my roommate has a habit of keeping a pineapple on her drawer – she thinks it’s pretty, I think they’re tasty – we collaborate). It had been getting overripe and, unfortunately, a lot of it had to be cut out and thrown away.

I made a “banana soft serve” by chopping up two bananas into round slivers, maybe three quarters thick, popping ’em in a freezer bag and letting them freeze for a few hours. While they chilled, I soaked a bunch of dried fruits (I chose a handful of dried sour cherries and cut up prunes, but you can use whatever or add nuts too) in hemp milk (almond milk, real milk, or water can be used) and then blended it all together (the more milk/water you add, the more slushy-like it will be). I was going to re-freeze it to make it a bit harder but I couldn’t resist and gobbled the whole thing down (no pictures thanks to my demanding tummy). I do have two fresh bananas waiting to be spliced up so hopefully I’ll have some banana-eye candy  by the next post.

I then made a super salad for lunch, including a bed of steamed (read: microwaved) rice on the bottom (Annie Chun’s microwaveable rice is a life saver – it sounds like it would be nasty but it is fresh and sticky, and comes in white, brown, multigrain sticky, and black pearl), sprouts, John Robbin’s green dressing (recipe soon), mushed up silk tofu + miso, cherry tomatoes, half a mashed avocado and yellow zucchini. It was really tasty and creamy.

I don’t have any photos of this treat but for breakfast this morning I had mochi waffles, which are simply amazing. 🙂 I found out about them in The Kind Diet, a fun and informative read by Alicia Silverstone. It is inspired by macrobiotics, and she has three simple meal plans for varying levels of “intensity”.

Until next time, wherein I will hopefully have more beautiful pictures & a charger for my camera,



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Hello (food blogging) world!

If I had started a food blog last year, entries would have sounded something like,  ‘How to Gorge Yourself With Cereal,’ ‘You Can Never Have Too Much Chocolate,’ or ‘Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!’

Living in a dorm and away from family is hard for many reasons. For me, not having my mom’s wealth of recipes or her (what I believed to be inherent) super-cleanliness, food was a big issue. As a lifelong vegetarian, I struggled to find healthy and satisfying options, which resulted in bagel ‘n’ cream cheese breakfasts, lunches and (sometimes) dinners. It was either a tasteless salad or an unhealthy, buttery/creamy/oily breadthing. But how did I get to this point?

I was born a vegan and never really questioned my upbringing. When I was little, eggs and dairy were introduced into my life to make things easier at school (baking was a problem and I wanted to fit in). I never wanted to eat meat, because I’ve always loved animals and have tried to be cruelty-free my whole life (I didn’t start to see eating dairy or eggs as harmful to animals for years, and then went into a sort of denial after that.) Though I did end up experimenting with fish and sushi (though, honestly, I don’t really like the taste) I have always been content with my vegetarianism.

However, (and I think this has to do with the fact that I was raised vegetarian and  never had to do any solid research to convince family members and the like) I didn’t had a concrete reasons that I was comfortable with, as to the big why question. So last year, all on my own for the first time, I made feeble attempts at answers, and when I sounded foolish, I would just eat. I was strong enough to stay vegetarian but I never had any great arguments f or my more “eccentric” eating habits (Why organic? What’s wrong with pesticides? What about preservatives? Is milk fine? RBHG? What happens to the chickens/cows/bees that produce eggs/milk/honey?) Rather than asking myself all of the necessary questions, I just pushed them aside.

Not only did I start feeling bloated, gain weight and feel lazy all the time (as if that isn’t bad enough), but I’m pretty sure my stomach began to e-x-p-a-n-d . I began eating more and more and more, because I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. Over the summer, I began to critically look at my eating habits and read some nutrition books, and by Thanksgiving I was a Macro-loving, Raw-dabbling Vegan.

For the past few months I have been regular visitors to a couple of different food blogs, including Chocolate Covered Katie, Rawdorable, Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy, Urban Girl Scout Cooking, and Love Veggies and Yoga.

All of them are great blogs that have inspired the way I see the world, especially my options as a girl living in a dorm with crazy fire regulations.

Recently, I’ve felt that I, too, have a lot to contribute to the web. I try to balance my classes, free time and eating time (yes I am separating eating time and free time because I don’t consider food as something to splurge on occasionally, it is health and it is necessity), and it can be a daunting task to make healthy choices with so much other stuff to get in the way. It all comes down to my realization of self-worth, which includes treating my body with respect: for the past few months I have been making an extra effort (and it’s hard in a dorm full of girls) to sleep at least eight hours a night and to eat well: less processed food, more fresh goodies, more ‘healthy’ desserts, more fruit, more veg, etc.

I also got a beautiful new camera last summer, and will be taking eyecandy-foodiepiccies (read: pictures of my concoctions) with it.

So without further ado, let the games blogging begin! 😀


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