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1 a : to have a firm religious faith b : to accept as true, genuine, or real
2 : to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something
3 : to hold an opinion : think

Today I got my Believe bracelet from My Breakfast Blog and it’s beautiful.

Maggie customizes each one by threading together personalized beliefs. I believe in hope, happiness, resilience, courage and creativity. What do you believe in?

The rain continues, but rather than moping around I can believe in the natural beauty of Spring: the warmth, the vibrance of life, a cool breeze play-fighting with a gentle sun…

spring is coming!

Can you tell I’m excited?

With my math test over and done with, I have the rest of tonight to focus on studying for my physics test tomorrow. Living in such a competitive environment it’s so easy to fall into the trap of over-studying, over-stressing, over-eating and under-sleeping. After my first year of apathy in regards to personal health, I have spent this year striving for balance in my life. For instance, actively choosing sleep over work: If I haven’t studied enough by 12 am, then I probably won’t get more work done by staying up another three hours, versus sleeping a full 7-8 hours. Nourishing both body and soul: whether that means watching a TV show or eating a healthy, tasty meal.

I have been learning to treasure each moment, rather than fast-forwarding through life.


I have also actively brought more art and creativity back into my life, through drawing, painting, classes and photography.

How have your guys been treating and nourishing yourselves?

Because we all like free stuff. (Edit: 2/27/10)

Averie is sponsoring a Naturally Nutty giveaway, so go check it out. 🙂

Stef is also having a giveaway of books and bars. 🙂


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Spring Showers

Are they beginning? This lady seems to think so…

“Spring is here! …soon…”

Anyway, I woke up this morning to the roll and crash of the rain. The little droplets trickling down the building coupled with a roaring wind made me think of the ocean. For a minute, as I closed my eyes and snuggled deep into the covers, I could pretend that I was in the tropics.

Then I opened my eyes and looked around at my still-dark room. Crawled out of bed, checked the time… 8:47 am!? Already? Looked out the window, again. Dark and gloomy. Sigh.

Ah well, I’ve learned one cannot change one’s circumstances, but by changing perspective, the ultimate experience is sure to change, as well. 🙂

I made myself a hearty breakfast of nuked yam with rôche rockettes salad leaves on the side and a few sprays of Braggs liquid aminos. Yum yum in my tum…and a warm one at that! Unfortunately, because I woke up so late I had to eat rather hurriedly to get to class on time.

Lunch was amazing but left me with what I’m now calling hamburger breath. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? 😦 I grilled a “quesadilla” (corn tortilla) filled with sprouts, bell peppers, mushrooms, tons of onions, spinach, baby corn and other yummy stuff, spread with garlic & red bell pepper hummus, with a daub of sweet-spicy hone mustard. The result? An amazing, grilled  vegan quesadilla…and onion breath for the next 5 hours…. Next time I will either grill it longer (so the onions cook more) or just add less onions.

nom nom nom

Then I snacked on my black bean brownies and ginger-mac cookies (with some leftover chia pudding and Gnu bars…and chai tea…woah, what a snack!) as I watched Midsommer Murders that my mom sent me through Amazon. 😉 An altogether relaxing day.

I have a math and physics test coming up, two art projects to work on, and I have to begin preparing for winter finals, so don’t be scared if I’m MIA for the next few days.

Now for you patient readers (or impatient skimmers), a picture of yesterday’s salad.

Crunchy Wasabi Salad



Rôche Rockettes (a soft type of leafy greens)

Crunchy wasabi-coated peas



Fermented veggies

Grated carrots


Quinoa (used premade Whole Foods cranberry quinoa)

Cranberries (optional/ if you use reg. quinoa)


Toss ingredients and slice the avo up into tiny bits so it mixes into the salad almost like a creamy, chunky dressing…but leave big chunks for nibbling on. 😉 Spray/ drizzle with Braggs.


SO GOOD. Creamy, crunchy, sweet, sour, spicy. Altogether very satisfying!

I also want to tell all of you thank you. Your comments mean so much to me. 🙂 I hope you’re all having fabulous weeks!



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“Nom, nom, nom…” -Cookie Monster

Hey everyone! Today I felt very domestic.


I spent most of the day preparing food. After a hearty Japanese-Mexican fusion salad (sound odd?) of baby corn, peas, spinach, torn up corn tortilla, spicy-sweet-sour dressing, miso mayo, tofu and a whole bunch of other ingredients thrown in there… I went to my friend’s dorm to bake.

cookie time
We made Ginger Macadamia Nut Cookies from the book Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, which my mom lovingly sent to me last year. They turned out fabulously. My only complaint was that I did not have a hot, steamy cup of chai tea to accompany my sweet treats. Ahhh, isn’t life great?

brownie bite?

I also made a batch of black bean brownies from a recipe in Happy Herbivore. These did not come out *as* nicely because I did not use as much cocoa powder as needed and they tasted more banana-y than chocolate-y. I also put in way too much oatmeal (not realizing that the oatmeal was going to expand and absorb the sweetness/ moisture I freaked out about the batter being ‘too sweet’ and ‘compensated’ by adding in way too many oats…) Plus, I’m opposed to cinnamon in most forms so I shouldn’t have bothered adding it in. All in all, it tastes definitely more “healthy” than a regular fudgey brownie, but it is very good.

nom nom nom

After reading in so many blogs about making your own white chocolate…I did it! I’m generally not a big white chocolate person, and because I microwaved it to melt it (thereby destroying the raw benefits) and adding agave syrup I felt it was a pretty un-healthy treat. Tasty, though, and not overly cloying. Much better than commercial milky white chocolates. Adding in coconut flakes and cutting it into very *thin* strips made it *so much* tastier…but I think of this more as a little treat to be enjoyed with bitter chocolate or with some other dessert.


PS. Here’s another sketch I did – this time on a paper bag. My mom gave me a cool idea of putting a light inside. 🙂 There is a weird shadow cast on the bag so the pic came out a bit strangely. :/


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Of Rainbows, Butterflies and Broccoli

Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂 It’s another week closer to Spring.

Butterflies and moths go through a life cycle known as complete metamorphosis.

In class I’m reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and in the beginning, while the Witch still rules at full power, “It’s always Winter and never Christmas.” In class we are questioning the representational meaning of winter. It is a time of rest. A time when some animals hibernate. It is a time of secrets, of staying indoors, of looking inward. Winter, frozen tundra, frozen time, statues, and snow.  The snow can be seen as a blanket, covering up secrets and lies, an eternal hush that envelopes the world.

Yet from Winter comes Spring: the start of new life, of new beginnings. A time of change, birth and rebirth. A time of thawing and forgiveness. Even though winter can feel never ending, it turns out that spring is right around the corner. In little more than three months I will be graduating, leaving high school and embarking on the next phase of my ‘journey’.

I am preparing myself to embrace the changes that come with each new day. I want to be wild and free, though I also want to treasure these last few months of boarding school. Leading to my discovery of a new addiction.

Have you ever tried broccoli and peanut butter? Call me crazy, but this combo is absolutely delicious. 🙂 I stumbled upon my new addiction after eating lunch in Commons, and, for the first time since Winter term began, hadn’t brought any ‘supplement’ foods from my dorm to complement the meal. I knew it was time to get creative.
I hit the salad bar, piling my plate with raw broccoli, crunchy onions, red kidney beans, black beans, semi-firm tofu, chickpeas and tomatoes. I grabbed a few slices of lemon to squeeze over the salad, threw a spattering of raisins over the whole lot of it and added a dried apricot for good measure. I then trotted over to the PB/ bread section and swirled some peanut butter right over my greens. Yep. I figure, many Thai salads use peanut sauce, so why not? I also splashed some balsamic vinegar into the salad to give it a sour twang. Result? Slightly odd, but very tasty. The peanut butter complimented the sweet raisins and went well with the veg (and even the beans). Definitely a combo I will try again.

I do not like broccoli. And I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli.
George H. W. Bush

Funnily enough I was still hungry when I got back to the dorm. I munched on a cup of broccoli with more PB drizzled over it and some semi-homemade dressing (Why semi? It is a purple mix of nut. yeast, parsley, some leftover miso mayo, some leftover lemon tarragon dressing and a whole bunch of other stuff…) that tasted a bit like BBQ sauce.

Before I say farewell, I wanted to show you guys some art I am currently working on. I want to play around more with mixed media and using recycled materials, such as cardboard, packaging materials and other found objects. This spring I will be working on a large, self-directed project and these are my beginning steps.

A woman,

a couple,

and an old, fat man.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone. 😀


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Noughts and Crosses

vday rose

First of all, happy belated Vday to everyone. 🙂 I refuse to succumb to the depression and angst associated with this “Hallmark” holiday. You know what? I don’t care. Any excuse to bring on the chocolate, cute chalk drawings of hearts on sidewalks, pinks and reds, and overall cuteness is fine by me!

Also, belated happy Chinese New Year: welcome to the Year of the Tiger. Rawr!

Rewind to Thursday night, when, fed up with my Nutmeg Nutbutter(a girl can only take so much Holiday Spice), and inspired by multiple carrot cake recipes cropping up (sorry Natnl. Carrot Cake Day, maybe I’ll catch you next year!) I decided to make Carrot Cake in a Bowl.

I began by filling my nutbutter jar (it was mostly empty) with tropical flavored So Delicious Coconut Yogurt, baby carrots, tahini and granola. I let it soak overnight (munching every now and again).


The next day I blended the whole thing together.


…and put it in a bowl.


Verdict? Definitely carrotty, and a little too sweet.

Because I was leaving for my weekend trip to NYC that day, I covered it with aluminum foil and popped it in the freezer. Carrot cake ice-pops, anyone?

Before leaving for the train station, I fixed myself a lunch of sliced bell peppers, with Twincakes Bakery’s raw softbread spread with avocado and a dollop of hummus on the side.


Super yummy!

The train ride was relatively smooth, but I didn’t realize my seat reclined until the full three hours had lapsed. Oh well! I certainly didn’t forget for the ride back, which was much more comfortable. 😉

When we finally arrived in NYC, I went to Pure Food and Wine for the first time. It is absolutely amazing. I have never had such delicate, delectable raw food. The lighting was very bad for food photography and I was ravenous so unfortunately there aren’t any pictures.

Each dish was amazing. I had port-soaked portobello mushrooms, my dad had lasagna and my friend, K, had some ravioli. The “cheese” on my salad (appetizer) was amazing. I cannot fathom how it was made. I’m thinking, mashed, grated fermented nuts? It was smooth, creamy, sharp and tangy…perfect!

After dinner we stopped a block away at One Lucky Duck, Pure Food’s takeaway joint, and I bought a Moonpie to enjoy over the next few days.

Upon arrival at my cousin’s apartment,


I happily devoured these cupcakes…


…with my eyes.


Unfortunately, I knew the refined sugars, artificial food colorings and lactose would not do me any good. I wanted to be healthy for the whole weekend, and was satisfied by taking pretty pictures of them. 🙂

Next morning for breakfast I enjoyed a green juice from OLD (One Lucky Duck, heh).

Super fresh-tasting, yummy goodness.

Many fruits were enjoyed that day.
rasping berry

Sweet, tart, and flavorful…just how I like ’em!


Crunch, crunch!


I met up with a friend for lunch and we went to a small asian restaurant in the upper west side.


I had a mountain of rice with hijiki seaweed and a cold, sour scoop of (some sort of) greens on the side. YUM. (I can’t recall the restaurant’s name but will txt her asap, ’cause you guys should really check this place out.)

I met up with some friends from a summer program in downtown NYC. We went to the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

hell yah

It was an amazing experience. Plus I drooled over my friend’s cool vintage shoes.drools

The next day was Vday. And I got to spend it with the greatest guymy dad. 🙂

It was super chilly, so I wanted somethin’ hot to warm me from the inside. We I chose Peacefood Cafe, which I’d heard about from this crazy hippie.


Walkin’ on the way to Peacefood Cafe

Just from reading the menu, I knew it was going to be fabulous – and I was right.


They are a vegan cafe and bakery. The interior was warm and sunlight poured into the room from large glass windows, creating an overall cheerful mood. My dad and I split their soup of the day, a twist on the Indian dahl dish.

We also split a Caesar Salad, which was crisp and creamy – delicious. Usually I hate croutons, but Peacefood’s were uniquely yummy. They bake their french bread until crisp and break it apart… not just crumbly tasteless “bread”-things.

For our main courses, I had a plate of veggies: eggplant and broc to be precise.

Delicious, again. Not over-cooked. Not over-flavored. Just simple, good food.

My dad had a creamy tempeh avocado sandwich. I couldn’t help but gobble down nearly half of it…
tempeh temper tempo tom

The side of sprouts and jicama were sour and crisp.

Though we were both stuffed, neither of us could resist the dessert taunting us by the register. There were cakes, pies, raw options, muffins and savory baked goods all clamoring for our attention. What to choose?


We debated on a few things including a decadent strawberry cake, and decided finally on splitting a large slice of chocolate coffee-cake with cream cheese frosting.


I sipped on a hot cup of mint tea between bites and my dad had a sweet chai latte.


A few minutes later…


Needless to say how fabulous everything was… I was truly elated by the time we left.

The next day was bittersweet. I packed my things, said goodbye to my cousins and grandparents, and lamented not being able to visit more great vegan restaurants on my short trip.

Then I headed off to the Tim Burton exhibit in the MoMA.  He is amazing. Absolutely amazing. There were glowing objects, a totally black room, ink drawings with watercolor… it was all slightly creepy, but most pieces had a tinge of dark humor and I loved every minute of it. I am pretty sure the exhibit will be open for a few more months so, if you get the chance, go check it out.

I went relatively early in the morning but the line was still huge, so if you’re not a member, be prepared for a long wait in the cold.

That day, my dad, K and I stopped back at Peacefood for a quick lunch. I grabbed a thick slice of chocolate  chip banana bread and a carrot muffin for the train.


Only  a bit left in my fridge now…

The ride back to school went by relatively quickly and as I reclined peacefully in my seat I totally embraced the brief moment of peace before returning to the hectic schedules of daily school life.



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Nutmeg Nutbutter Spread


I have to admit – I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of Eggnog. First, it has a crazy name. Egg? In a drink? It sounded cool, like Eggo Waffles, or egregious. I’ve always loved appreciating words for how they look and sound, as well as what they mean…. weird, huh?

Anyway, I’ve never been a big fan of conventional Holiday spice blends. Take Larabars – I love them in most every flavor (their lemon bar is amazing, their coconut is sumptuous, even the Jocolats tickle my taste buds – heh) except for the Cinnamon Roll flavor. I don’t like most cinnamon-flavored chocolates. I like actual Cinnamon Rolls, but find them much too cloying. When I wasn’t vegan I even mustered a taste of real eggnog, and to my disappointment it reminded me of a super-sweet, artificial Holiday-in-a-box sort of drink. Blergh.

However, when I came across some vegan Eggnog recipes, I was intrigued. When I bought Nutmeg and Cinnamon to bake with and then never got around to baking, I was desperate. What to do? What to do?

I had some Cinnamon Mochi in my refrigerator and decided to try to make a yummy spread. This was partially selfish – I didn’t want to lug 4 different jam jars into Commons and feel everyone watching me lift each jar after jar out of my bulging bags. Less jars = less chance of spillage. But I wanted maximum flavor.

Blink! Blink! Goes the thinking cap… and thus pops out Nutmeg Nutbutter Spread.

Because it was made sort of haphazardly and on the fly, I don’t have any proper measurements, so just wing it. 😉


Dash of cinnamon

Dash of nutmeg

2-3 Tbs. raw sesame tahini

2-3 Tbs. raw almond butter

1-2 Tbs. raw cashew butter

1-2 Tbs. raw agave nectar (note: I found this to be a bit too sweet, so you can experiment with the added sweetness and tell me how it goes)

1/4 – 1/2 cup Tempt (original unsweetened) hemp milk


Throw it all in a blender and blend, blend, blend! It should be runnier than regular nut butter, but not watery.

I’m thinking this will make a lovely sweet treat for a Valentines candy.

I’m off to NYC this weekend for some fun with friends and to catch up with my dad. 🙂 I should be back by Monday, but I may or may not have time to think up a substantial post before then. We’ll see… I’m not goin’ anywhere.

How about you guys? Do you guys have Vday plans?


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Too much is Never Enough

My biggest problem, when it comes to food, is overindulging. If one blueberry is good, isn’t a whole carton better? Not if it makes me sick to my stomach.

How about just one cookie? One more won’t hurt. And another? Oh, if you insist. Three more? Four…Well…there’s only a little left. Might as well polish it all off.

Take this morning. Breakfast was lovely. And satisfying. I had cinnamon Mochi Waffles, my Nutmeg Nutbutter Spread (below), salad, sprouts and hummus.

Then I went back to my dorm to watch an episode of Miss Marple, an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Of course, I told myself that snacking while watching would be fine. Just… one milk shake. I mixed my Nutmeg Nutbutter with frozen bananas, strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, Chocolate Amazing Grass and Tempt Hemp Milk. All amazing products. All healthy – in moderation.

Half way through the shake it occurred to me – this would taste good with granola. So in goes the granola. Full? Definitely. Enough? Nope.

Some raw cookies would go quite well with it all. And maybe some more fresh blueberries.

By the end of the episode, I was clutching my bottle of Evian and chewing some Glee Gum to avoid eating anymore. I was so full.

I ♥ my water. I’m trying to drink much more of it. During the week I get so lazy when I run out to buy more, and it’s much easier for me to let myself be thirsty than hungry, but I’m trying.

more water

Do any of you guys find it hard to resist just that one more scoop of ice cream? Tub of fruit? Energy bar? Piece of bread? Etc, etc.

If one bowl of granola is good,


Is this better?

I don’t think so.

Plus, overeating = over cleaning = rough, dry hands and lots of icky dishes.


I think I’m going to try to avoid the TV while I eat. I have to realize that just watching TV isn’t “wasting time”. I can eat dinner peacefully and then do other, relaxing things just for me and it’s perfectly OK.

I don’t have to constantly be busy.

I know this will take time, and I know I also struggle with my patience, but I will get through this.

And finally, what do you do to avoid over eating?


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