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Hey guys!


I will be working on transferring recipes, adding things, etc., etc., but I will also not be updating here anymore. So, if I am on your google reader, etc., please re-add me (or if you are linking to me somewhere on your blog).

I also want to say a big thank you to all my super kind readers and commenters and invite all you lurkers to say hi. 🙂

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The Weavers: a short story

Hey guys! Another quick update.
I’ve just found out that a short story I wrote back in fall has been published online on the Teen Ink website.

You can read it here.

I hope you guys enjoy my story and love feedback. 🙂


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Soul Eater

Wow. Triple post day, go figure.
I submitted a design to Patch-Together and appreciate all of your votes. 🙂

soul eater


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Shopping List


Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwiberries)


Peaches/ nectarines



Apples (fuji, pink lady, granny smith, honey crisp)






Lettuce/ Arugula





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Mindless Eating

Hey guys! Back from NYC. I had a fantastic weekend that I will blog about soon, but I wanted to get this rant out first. 😛

I’m often prone to mindless eating. If I am bored, tired, watching TV, avoiding (studying, etc) then I will eat. It is a coping mechanism, I guess, and sometimes I don’t realize it until I have already eaten my weight in cashew butter, jam and bread….har har… 😦

My problem lies in this: once I start eating (say it’s kimchee), I will have a salty/ garlic taste in my mouth…so then I will eat something sweet (say chocolate, dried bananas and a Larabar) to get the taste out of my mouth….then I will feel sickened by the sweetness and eat something salty….yaddah yaddah…the cycle repeats. Problem is, I don’t often realize it until I am too full to keep eating.

Reading various books on mindful eating has been helpful but in times of stress or when I am simply tired I can easily slip back into this pattern. Thankfully, I am pretty tuned into what my body has to tell me, so I never eat enough to make myself physically sick, but I hate the feeling of being uncomfortably full/ sickened by food.

Do you guys ever fall into these patterns?

If so, what do you do to combat it?


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Quick Update

Hey guys. 🙂 I’ve been a bit MIA for the past few days, so, though there will be no pictures in this post (gasp) I thought I’d peek out of my little hole and say hi.

One reason it takes me long to make posts is the pictures: if there isn’t anything “worthy” of taking a picture, I won’t. The reasons I blog include: 1) helping busy people with little equipment 2)sharing fun and tasty vegan recipes 3) venting (sometimes haha). So, when my eats are repetitive or I have blogged about X food already, I usually stave off. So I was wondering: would you guys prefer long blog posts every week or so, or long posts with short what’s-going-on-in-my-life posts interspersed more frequently? I’m pretty ambivalent right now, since I have my journal for personal venting needs, but if you guys are interested I could do a “day in the life” post, or a “Vegan in the school cafeteria” post.

Also, if you guys want to learn anything specific or if you have any ideas for future posts, please tell me. 😀 I’m happy for any and all suggestions.

Onto more exciting things: I am going to NYC this weekend. Yay! I will be getting a haircut (long overdue haha), seeing my dad, looking at a few colleges (I’m taking a gap year to all who don’t know), eating at great places (Pure Food and Wine, Peacefood, etc) and just chillin’. 😉 Exxxxccccciiiiiittttteeeed. More pictures soon, promise. 😉

Also, there is a Glass Straw Giveaway at Raw on 10. Check it out!


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Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

Have I suddenly dropped my veganism to eat burgers for breakfast?


meat? no

It’s a meaty looking pancake!! 😛

It was semi-sweet, crunchy-on-the-outside, gooey on the inside, patty.

I made it using chia meal, So Delicious strawberry coconut kefir, oats, flax meal and mashed bananas. (Basically a cornucopia of strange vegan delights…)


Frying up the batter.

I basically mixed the ingredients and poured the batter onto a pre-heated griddle. Turn the heat on low because these cakes are thick and the middles won’t cook fast enough – if it’s too hot the outsides will burn first.

Then, what’s left but to eat up? It’s truly delicious! Chewy, crunchy, ooey-gooey. 🙂
eat up

Nom nom nom…


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