Quick Update

Hey guys. 🙂 I’ve been a bit MIA for the past few days, so, though there will be no pictures in this post (gasp) I thought I’d peek out of my little hole and say hi.

One reason it takes me long to make posts is the pictures: if there isn’t anything “worthy” of taking a picture, I won’t. The reasons I blog include: 1) helping busy people with little equipment 2)sharing fun and tasty vegan recipes 3) venting (sometimes haha). So, when my eats are repetitive or I have blogged about X food already, I usually stave off. So I was wondering: would you guys prefer long blog posts every week or so, or long posts with short what’s-going-on-in-my-life posts interspersed more frequently? I’m pretty ambivalent right now, since I have my journal for personal venting needs, but if you guys are interested I could do a “day in the life” post, or a “Vegan in the school cafeteria” post.

Also, if you guys want to learn anything specific or if you have any ideas for future posts, please tell me. 😀 I’m happy for any and all suggestions.

Onto more exciting things: I am going to NYC this weekend. Yay! I will be getting a haircut (long overdue haha), seeing my dad, looking at a few colleges (I’m taking a gap year to all who don’t know), eating at great places (Pure Food and Wine, Peacefood, etc) and just chillin’. 😉 Exxxxccccciiiiiittttteeeed. More pictures soon, promise. 😉

Also, there is a Glass Straw Giveaway at Raw on 10. Check it out!


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Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

Have I suddenly dropped my veganism to eat burgers for breakfast?


meat? no

It’s a meaty looking pancake!! 😛

It was semi-sweet, crunchy-on-the-outside, gooey on the inside, patty.

I made it using chia meal, So Delicious strawberry coconut kefir, oats, flax meal and mashed bananas. (Basically a cornucopia of strange vegan delights…)


Frying up the batter.

I basically mixed the ingredients and poured the batter onto a pre-heated griddle. Turn the heat on low because these cakes are thick and the middles won’t cook fast enough – if it’s too hot the outsides will burn first.

Then, what’s left but to eat up? It’s truly delicious! Chewy, crunchy, ooey-gooey. 🙂
eat up

Nom nom nom…


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Art Update

Hello my loves! I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to save my post for when I got my camera back (I had lent it to a friend for her art project) but I thought I would show you guys an update on my art project. So, excuse the quality, they were taken on my phone.


Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind


My, what big teeth you have…. guess who?


Audrey Hepburn in Charade


I also want to wish everyone a happy Easter. 🙂 I spent Easter with a friend in Boston – we had a lovely brunch at the Four Seasons (I had the creamiest steel-cut oatmeal with soy milk and sliced bananas and she was ripped off by chose to go with the buffet).


A long recipe-filled post soon. 🙂


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A Love Affair

I’ve never really liked cinnamon. In chocolate brownies I find their taste overpowering (and it takes away from the chocolatey goodness!) In oatmeal, I’ve always been ambivalent, and I find things like cinnamon buns too dry and cloying for my taste…

So, though cinnamon covered apples kept popping up in various food blogs that I follow, I’ve never thought to emulate it. Until a few days ago, that is. 😉

Oh my goodness! What was I waiting for?

The cinnamon enhances the apple’s flavor, adding a spicy sweet tang. I devoured a gala apple (unfortunately quite mealy) with heaps of cinnamon on top and I’m pleased to say the cinnamon salvaged the otherwise inedible apple. After the first, I wanted more, so I picked a fuji (good choice! crisp, tasty) and  I poured my mom’s mixture of Maca, buckwheat granola, and Mesquite powder over the apples and added a drizzle of tahini. It was perfection. 🙂

Lately I’ve started to come up with a large “menu” for myself on Word. It has healthy snack, lunch, breakfast and dinner options to remind me of all the tasty, healthy things I love to eat. 😉 It makes it so much easier for me to pick what I’m going to eat (sometimes I forget haha) and is especially useful when I’m in a rush. It’s very basic now but I hope to transfer many of those “recipes” online. Stay tuned. 😉


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If you like Piña Coladas…

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Miss me? 🙂

With each day spent in the humid, 80º weather I have had a chance to thaw out from Winter’s chill and get some real R&R time. I’ve begun my art project, watched a lot of mysteries, and finally have had time for some solid reading. I’ve even done a bit of cooking. 😉

Just before spring break began, I bought Heathy’s dessert e-book. It has tons of amazing recipes that can be done with and without the use of a dehydrator, for all skill levels. I took advantage of being in the tropics by making her mango layer cheesecake, a tart, decadent treat made with a creamy nut cheesecake base, a date-and-nut crust and a fruity mango layer on top. It was truly delicious, and I would definitely make it again! I forgot to ‘flour’ the bottom of the pan (I used dried coconut flakes last time I made a raw cheesecake) so the crust stuck to the bottom and it was a little messy getting the first piece of cake out, so next time I will definitely keep this in mind.

In the airport I dined on leftover Thai food that I had brought with me.

Deee-licious…even the second day around!


Succulent eggplants, crispy tofu, soft wide rice noodles, carrots, lots of sauce…

The proper nourishment definitely helped me through the 12-hour plane ride. 😀

After a few days at my house in the city, the next thing I knew I was jetting off again for the beach. Greeted by aqua waters, soft white sand and the baking sun, I was in heaven. Not to mention, we all stayed in a cute little beach house with a kitchen. It was perfection.
tropical fruits etc
We spent the days alternating between a Mediterranean restaurant, a Mexican place, and cooking at home… one of our staples was pancit. A Filipino noodle dish made of beans processed into thin strands. The abundance of fresh vegetables and ripening mangoes was so refreshing. I couldn’t get enough.

I have recently embraced more Filipino food. In fact, one of my favorite breakfasts was Taho with mango. It’s a hot breakfast street-food: soft tofu over sago balls drizzled with dark molasses-y syrup. Sarap! Scooped mango chunks on top made it that much better.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

sarap na sarap

A close up of the amazing breakfast treat.


Made even better with a generous drizzle of syrup.

The days passed by in a hot, lazy, hazy blur. I swam in the ocean, indulged in massages, drank multiple smoothies, sunned myself, started reading The Wizard of the Crow, a novel by Ngugi wa’Thiong’o, and a few other books…. and now I have to be off: I’ve held off from packing long enough.

Stay tuned. 😉 Future recipes include: the best banana sundae ever (inspired by Mae‘s recent post), not-veggie-burger pancakes, and other sweet treats.



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Raw Cacao review and Monsoon Slaw Dressing

After seeing Sophia’s post about Organic Nectar’s raw vegan cacao, I had to try some. 🙂 I ordered their sample pack and got it within a few days.

In general, this is good quality chocolate. I loved all of the flavors and would definitely buy some again. 😉 In fact, I decided to buy this cacao because of some of Sophia’s complaints. If I am not mistaken, she said the darks were too rich and bitter, which heightened my interest in these decadent bars.

The “milk” chocolate variety is made with coconut milk so it’s super creamy and had a lush, rich taste. I found it too sweet on its own, but delicious paired with the bitter 85% or eaten alongside a banana/cereal combo.

The 70% tasted carob-y to me, which, though odd, was no problem since I love carob. 😉 It was a but sweeter than the 85%, making it the ideal bar to eat all by itself. The 54% I again found a bit too sweet, but my friend loved it.

The raspberry flavor didn’t taste artificial at all, which is a major plus point for me. It was sweet and slightly sour. Though I really liked it, I have to be in a mood for fruity chocolate to really enjoy it.

golden white
The “golden” white chocolate really took me by surprise. It’s a rich, sunny, golden color, and is made super creamy with coconut milk. It had a slightly gritty texture, and was super sweet (a little goes a long way), but as far as white chocolate is concerned, I loved this bar.

Onto the recipe I promised. 🙂

Monsoon Slaw Dressing

My mom sent me various copies of Kristen’s Raw “cook”-books, and I was especially excited to try the many salad dressing suggestions. It’s amazing what subtleties of flavor can be coaxed out of a salad with different dressings.

I wanted something creamy and nutty, and I wanted it to keep. This is a combination of the Monsoon Mayonaise recipe from Kristen’s Raw, and Averie’s Homemade Vegan Slaw dressing. It’s rich, creamy and tangy. A wonderful go-to dressing give even the plainest veggies a kick.


¾ cup brazil nuts

¼ cup cashew

¾ cup Apple cider vinegar

1TB agave

1-2 lemon

½ tspn. Mustard powder

1 TB olive oil

1 large spoonful of coconut butter

black pepper

2+ TB water

here it is...ugly pic :(

Soak nuts for about an hour.

Blend all ingredients

Super easy, isn’t it? 😉


Add more or less water/ apple cider vinegar to change thickness/ consistency. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. It should last over a week…if it’s not devoured by then. 😉
dress it up
This will be a creamy, sweet, tart dressing. Perfect over raw broc, carrots, lettuce, slaw…everything! 😀

I enjoyed the kale salad (above) with my Monsoon dressing and a side of mushroom rice from Whole Foods.

What are your favorite salad dressings? Or do you like ’em au natural?

I’m going home (to the Philippines!) on Thursday, and I should still have internet access, so do not despair, my loves! 🙂 You guys can look forward to vibrant tropical pictures. Have a great week, everyone!


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Hey guys! Apologies for the absence. I have a few great recipes planned for y’all and more eye candy of course. 😉

For the next few days I’ll be focussing on studying for finals.



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